E-Book Conversion

Digitization of books and reading materials is in vogue today due to several intrinsic and extrinsic aspects. On one hand, eBooks do not require physical storage space and is available to a wider audience expansive. Likewise, on the other hand these digitized materials are used as online marketing tools. This popularizes these eBooks much faster than the traditional media. Although this is a happy picture from one angle, converting paperback series into digital format can appear like a nightmare for most people from the other angle! This is where 3Alpha Data Entry Services introduces itself as the most reliable name among the eBook conversion companies.

E-Book Conversion Services that We Offer

We employ separate techniques to handle different source files. This helps us in attaining highest precision in service. Thus, we offer eBook conversion service for the following sources:
  • PDF files: We handle bulk PDF data by integrating them in a single file. This enables us in better management of files. In turn, our clients get rid of the challenge of handling an enormity of PDF files in their system.
  • Printed documents: We help in making your home and office clutter free by converting all your printed documents into digitized format. This is irrespective of the format of source document. We combine processes like scanning, data entry, data conversion and indexing to render the most accurate results.
  • Image conversion: We have expanded our services further by offering eBook creation service for digitized images that are present in paper based documents. So, images in formats like jpg, bmp, and tiff formats are converted into eBooks within the shortest possible time and with 99.99% accuracy.
  • Work file conversion: Books that remain stored as MS Word documents in your system and slow down your CPU speed can now be converted into eBooks! Our latest software helps in executing the task with the highest quality of output.

Advantages of Our eBook Conversion Services

We understand the importance of eBook creation and simultaneously help you get the maximum value for your money. So, we labor extensively to provide you optimum satisfaction by streamlining our service.
  • We give our customers the advantage of specifying their output formats. So, whether paper copies to ePub or Mobi format, or documents to ePub or Mobi, or PDF to ePub or Mobi, or to any other format, you can always depend upon us.
  • We can handle different input sources such as printed books, handwritten documents as well as already digitized reading materials.
  • Our latest technology never lets us compromise on quality. Our team of experts ensures that you will get the same quality of reading materials post the digitization process.
  • Maintaining precision during eBook conversion is ensured at 3Alpha Data Entry Services.
  • We can offer you top class accuracy in eBook creation service at a remarkably slashed down rate.
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Our System of Quality Control

  • We conduct repeated quality checks at each process of conversion to eliminate the minutest chances of errors in the converted eBooks. Both manual and automated systems are carried out for attaining total precision. A manual auditing before the final dispatch is mandatory.
  • Automated validation is specifically applied for eBook conversions that deal with processed data. This eliminates the possibilities of human errors that may be present in the source materials.
  • In order to make the eBooks readable and easily accessible, output format compatibility check is conducted

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