About Me

So here’s a little about me. I live in Aurangabad,Maharashtra,India of my sweetie of 15 years. I have a sweet daughter of seven years old.There’s never a dull moment in this crazy house! I work from home where I run this site. My 8-year work experience includes coaching customer service and sales reps, sales manager and administrator, as well as staff management for a major telecommunications company. My work from home experience includes working for Westat and Cloud 10 as well as a variety of freelance projects. Even though most of my day is spent working on my blog, I practice what I preach and try the ideas I share with you too and even do online surveys to make ends meet.

Why I Left My Office Job To Work From Home

It was a long journey getting to this point. My friend Rachana gracious enough to let me tell the story of how I started working from home. When you get a chance, you should check it out. Now I’m all about helping anyone who is looking for a work from home job or a home-based business they can be proud of by sharing real work from home job leads, home-based business ideas that won’t require a lot of start-up revenue, or any other suggestions for making money from home.

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