BPO- Data Management

As a web based customer service and support partner, Zed Network Solution has been able to successfully alter businesses for the better. Zed Network s best described as a business process outsourcing company specializing in the fields of Data Entry, Catalog Processing and E Commerce. Ever since our inception our focus has been in providing our clients with services that is reliable and cost effective.

Constancy has been the key for Zed Network and we maintain that by meeting all requirements of our client by hiring professionals in the field. Our employees are trained to exude a customer focused attitude in every job undertaken and our project management techniques allow us to assess and mange projects better. Keeping in mind that our services can also be rendered to small and medium sized firms, each of our services are reasonably priced.

We follow to client requests and guidelines and the technology we adopt allow us to provide work with a high accuracy rate. We also ensure client information is protected through the privacy policies in place. At present our portfolio includes Document Management, Catalog Data Entry, Litigation Support Services, Forms Processing, Database Management, Internet Media Analysis, Virtual Assistant Team, Market Surveys, Document Scanning, Abstraction Services, Indexing and Cataloging and Data Conversion.
Document Management

Document management empowers your organizational process by converting paper documents into digital / electronic formats. Zed Network is the best place to outsource your document management services, which helps to grow your business. We are employed in the areas of Document Imaging, Document Storage and Deployment, and Document Retrieval. We offer electronic documentation, which includes the process of scanning and digital conversion. We understand the requirements of our clients, in terms of the frequency of databases, their purpose and types.

Accumulating and Assorting True Documents :

Paper documents are scanned and converted into digital images and it is arranged logically to be placed in the database.Zed Network helps its clients to arrange the data in an orderly manner for easy retrieval and usage.

Document Scanning and Conversion :

The first step to e- documentation is the scanning process which needs due attention and conscientiousness. V serve ensures a well planned scanning process with no loss of data and on time delivery of work using the latest scanners and a cost efficient project plan. Our advanced scanners have an excellent resolution and provide high quality images with no compromise on quality.

For every scanning process, the scanned digitized images are analyzed, edited and compiled at Zed Network before converting them into digital documents. Our use of OCR/ICR software for the purpose modifying scanning and conversion reduces our time and deliver competently.

Document Indexing/Coding :

Zed Network helps to index the data fields such as name, customer / product id, document code, date, client details and department details present in the current document. Indexing services at Zed Network helps in easy accessibility and retrieval of the data.

Document Archiving and Retrieval :

Zed Network uses advanced technologies for archiving and retrieving data from various storage devices. The electronic and digital documents are stored in the authenticated areas of the database which gives high security and the documents are archived in such a way, were easy retrieval is possible in a short time span. The data stored in centralized warehouse provides high security and allows only authorized user to access.

Electronic Document Management benefits your organization in various ways :
Compressed storage space
High resistance against calamities
Easy storage, sharing and transportation
Advanced technology
Easy document search and retrieval
High security and integrity to the documents
Accessibility to multiple copies of the documents
Cost savings up to 60 %

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