Forms Processing Services

Data Entry Services understands that although filling up different forms is a fundamental part of every business, people are keen about digitizing to moderate the elaborate paper works. It is true that processing forms can make them easily traceable and retrievable. But digitizing forms in-house is a costly and time consuming affair. If you wish to enjoy the merits of digitized forms but stay away from the issues that come with the same then you can always count on our affordable forms processing services!

Our Services

We are extremely meticulous about quality and timeliness, and ensure that our offshore locations live up to your expectations. Thus, we have segregated our services in two categories so that you can always depend upon us every time you need to outsource form processing jobs:
  • Manual Form Processing
  • Automated Form Processing
We also provide form scanning services.Call us today to discuss your requirements!

Our Credentials

We know that in order to generate reliability among clients, we need to provide practical proofs of our credibility. Hence, we believe that the list of forms we have processed so far will act as testimonial of our experience in providing high quality forms processing services.
  • Survey Forms
  • Insurance Claims Processing
  • Purchase Order Forms
  • Questionnaires
  • Warranty Cards
  • Application Forms Processing
  • Rebate Coupons
  • Email Forms
  • Account / Tax Forms
  • Registration Forms
  • Rental Forms
This is suggestive of the fact that we are competent and well-equipped to serve you much better than your expectations!

Our Method of Operation

Manual forms processing services
  • Techniques: We mostly carry out manual processing for handwritten forms like feedback forms, survey forms, insurance claims, registration forms, etc. We conduct both manual and web based data entry in spreadsheets, digital databases, etc. as per the requirements of a particular project.
  • Quality control: In order to maintain quality, we prefer manual data entry side by side with other processes. Further, the quality controllers at 3Alpha Data Entry Services carry out data validation and verification to maintain consistency in quality. A final quality check is executed by means of manual auditing.
  • Dispatch: We deliver the output to the clients in the mode they have recommended. It can be via emails, or FTP, or web updates, or anything else.
Automated forms processing services
  • Techniques: This process is applied for forms with fixed data which mostly come in printed formats like purchase orders, medical bills, insurance claims, etc. After scanning the forms, we use OCR technology to capture data from scanned forms and convert them into editable formats.
  • Quality control: OCR technology aids us in achieving 99.99% accuracy and exempts the chances of generation of wild data due to manual interference. It is also helpful in producing array of output formats. Although computerized method of checking is followed in this method, we execute additional manual quality checks in the final stage for totally error free work.
  • Dispatch: Just like manual forms processing services, we can deliver the converted forms in the format clients prefer.

Why You Should Consider Us

  • We can capture voluminous data from different forms at a much faster pace.
  • We perform investigation of actual needs and process review before executing a task. This helps in preventing data loss and helps in customizing our services.
  • We can deliver your data directly to your web server.
  • Repeated quality checks, data authentication by our certified quality controllers, amalgamated process of both manual and computerized methods create confidence about the quality and correctness of our outputs

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